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                  ESQUILINE - 

                     Several hypothesis  exist  with  respect  to  this  obelisk, like  the  one of
                  Quirinale, some considered that the Roman emperors not they contented
                  in appropriating themselves other peoples obelisks and transporting them
                  to Rome.
                  Some of them, imitating  the  Egyptian  kings, were  made erect obelisks
                  for its own memory.
                  The   obelisks  Esquiline  and Quirinal,  both    twins,  were   discovered
                  fragmented, the first in  three  fragments, at  the  16  century in the ruins
                  of the Mausoleo of August, behing of the church of St. Rocco.
                  Of 14.75 meters and 45 tons it was unearthed by  Pope  Sixto V in 1587
                  and jointly with the obelisk of the Quirinale  were  located  in  its original
                  place, until 200 years after Pope Pio VI,  moved  it two separated places,
                  one where is at the moment,  in the square of Esquilino, opposed  to  the
                  basilic of Saint Maria la Mayor, and the other front to presidential palace
                  in the square of the Quirinale.
                  Another hypothesis that it indicates  that  exists  such  they were made in
                  dinastia VI, although it seems probable little. It is possible  that they were
                  erected  by  PSAMETICO II  or  APRIRES, although  there is no test of
                  There haven´t any inscription reason  why  it  is  impossible  to know the
                  moment that pharaoh made them construct.
                  Just the hypothesis that it indicates that  they  are  Egyptian, the  translate
                  one from Egypt to Rome was be in the days of Claudius,  between  years
                  41-54 and raised as opposed to August Mausoleo, other  authors  indicate
                  that they was by Vespasiano between years 69-79 or Tito between  years
                  79-81and others think that it was Domician between years 81-96.

      Actual view of the obelisk of  St. Mary Major - Rome, Italy.

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