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                  QUIRINAL - 

                  Like the Esquiline obelisk, of which  it is  twin, was  discovered in the 16
                  century in the ruins of the Mausoleo of Augusto, behing of the church of
                  St. Rocco.
                  The obelisk of the Quirinal or Montecavallo of 14.64 meters and 43 tons,
                  was  unearthed  by  Pope  Sixto V in 1587, who jointly  place  it with the
                  obelisk Esquiline, until in 1789, 200  years  after  Pope Pio VI,  moved  it
                  in  front  of  the presidential  palace  in the square of Quirinale.Flanked by
                  two enormous roman statues of Castor and Polux,twin  children of Jupiter
                  (Dioscuri) and horses coming from the Spas of Constantin.

Old view to the obelisk of Quirinal  - Rome, Italy.

Actuals views to the obelisk of  Quirinal  - Rome, Italy.

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