Taking a cruise on the Nile is the best way to see many of the most important temples that the ancient Egyptian civilization erected on its banks. You will live a shocking and unforgettable experience when you see the gigantic statues of the gods, the millenary columns and all those jewels that will automatically transport you to the life of thousands of years ago.

A cruise on the Nile is an economical option to make this type of trip and with this modality, for prices that you will not be able to find in other areas such as, for example, the Caribbean. Many people hear “cruise” and automatically associate it with a luxury and very expensive trip. In this article we will show you that the Nile cruise does not fall within what is generally considered an expensive trip.

Itineraries and options

Cruises on the Nile follow the river from north to south and vice versa, that is, they can be done in one direction or the other. The most common option is from Luxor to Aswan, i.e. from north to south, especially since the journey from Cairo to Luxor is closer than from Cairo to Aswan. But there are direct flights and trains in both options, so you’ll find trips available from the capital to take the Nile cruise in whichever direction you prefer.

The stops on the Nile cruise are always the same, with a few exceptions. The difference is that from Aswan to Luxor usually takes a day less than from Luxor to Aswan, which means that in the first case some visits are more concentrated. But with any travel agency or tour operator you contract, include the following monuments, cities and points of interest:

The temples of Abu Simbel are usually paid separately and you can book this tour on the same cruise or book it in advance. The second option is more advisable, since you can be sure that there will be room and, depending on the case, it may be more economical. And there is no option for you not to do it: if you have visited all these beauties navigating the Nile, the grand finale is, without a doubt, the imposing Abu Simbel.

There are other optional excursions that are not usually included in the cruise package and that, in case you have time and feel like doing them, can be very interesting:

What are motorboat cruises like?

The motorboats are small boats fully prepared to navigate the Nile. Most of them have three to four floors with restaurant lounge, reception room, cabins, swimming pool and other facilities to make the experience as complete as possible. Despite being a Muslim country, cruise ships are authorized to sell alcohol, so you can also find bars inside the motorboats.

They are totally safe and barely sway slightly during the ride, so it will be a relaxing trip. Meals are usually included in the vast majority of packages that are contracted on Nile cruises and on a full board basis: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcoholic beverages are charged separately. The variety of dishes is very large and there are usually many options even for vegetarians or vegans.

Nile cruise prices

It is best to book a Nile cruise with a tour operator or from a website. But do it in advance, so that you can pay by credit card and have everything planned and insured before your arrival.

There are three types of Nile cruises that can be booked, the difference being the category of the boat you want: 5 star standard, 5 star deluxe and 5 star superior. And the price also depends on two other factors: whether or not you include Abu Simbel (which we recommend you do) and whether you take the cruise from Luxor to Aswan (5 days and 4 nights) or from Aswan to Luxor (which is one day less, 4 days and 3 nights).

Prices from Luxor to Aswan with Abu Simbel range from 320€ for a 5 star standard cruise to 420€ for a 5 star deluxe superior, while on a 5 star deluxe ship the price is 370€. In the opposite direction, from Aswan to Luxor, where it is one day less and always including Abu Simbel, the cheapest is the 5 star standard at 270€, followed by the 5 star luxury cruise for 320€ and by the 5 star superior luxury at 370€.

Gratuities are usually paid at the end of the trip, either directly to the cruise authority or by giving the money to the tour guide. It is usually between 15€ and 20€ per person. Everything can be paid in euros and dollars without any problems, but we recommend that you carry Egyptian pounds just in case, because if you want to buy something in a market or at a stop, they will be very useful.

Photos of Nile Cruises

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