Hurghada is another of the most important Egyptian cities located on the shores of the Red Sea, with very colorful seabed and crystal clear waters.

If you decide to travel to Hurghada, you will find a very lively and active city, the third most populated in Egypt and one of the newest, founded in the early twentieth century by fishermen and as a small village that grew into a large city.

Beaches, dunes and good food await you during your days of sightseeing in Hurghada. And here we give you all the information you need to know.

What is the usual temperature in Hurghada?

Maximum21 ºC23 ºC25 ºC29 ºC32 ºC35 ºC36 ºC36 ºC34 ºC31 ºC27 ºC23 ºC
Media17 ºC18 ºC20 ºC24 ºC28 ºC31 ºC32 ºC32 ºC30 ºC27 ºC22 ºC18 ºC
Minimal13 ºC13 ºC16 ºC19 ºC23 ºC26 ºC28 ºC28 ºC26 ºC22 ºC18 ºC14 ºC

Hurghada sea surface temperature all year round.

Tabla temperatura promedio del agua en Hurgada

Zones and districts

  • El Gouna. A resort located 12 km north of Hurghada that stands out for its modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Ideal for hiring sea tours with scuba diving or snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and kitesurfing. There are also a good number of discos, bars, pubs and billiards for those who want to enjoy the nightlife.
  • Al Ahyaa. Located north of the city, near El Gouna, this resort also stands out for the quality of its beaches and its services of cafes and restaurants with sun loungers and great sea views. Ideal for hiring safaris to Bedouin villages or a camel ride or quad biking in the desert.
  • Al Mamsha El Seyahi. A very popular neighborhood in downtown Hurghada and with many points of interest in the city such as the Grand Aquarium and Sinbad Aqua Park. It has bars that offer shows of Egyptian dances and Bedouin dances. Here you will also find the Great Mosque, covered with marble and that, according to the time of the sun, changes its color.
  • Soma Bay. Close to the airport and on the Red Sea, with good amount of reefs and biodiversity. To enter here you have to cross a private road with its supervised entrance. It has a golf course and a golf academy. You can practice sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. At the spa Les Thermes Marins del Cascades, you will have access to therapies with seawater mixed with mud to treat some illnesses.

What to see in Hurghada

  • Sindbad Submarine. The only tourist submarine service operating in the Red Sea. A unique and unforgettable experience getting to know the natural treasures of the sea at 22 meters underwater and without getting wet. An activity designed for the whole family.
  • Abu Nuhas shipwrecks. On the north side of the island of Shadwan, 65 km from Hurghada, is located this area designed for diving and treasures in its funds the remains of many boats in very good condition. For example, the UK freighter Carnatic, sunk in 1869 and now full of colorful fish and corals, or the Greek ship Chrisoula K, since 1981 in the deep sea.
  • Hurghada Aquarium. It exhibits many natural treasures of the city’s marine life, designed with the objective of preserving the environment and keeping marine species alive. It has more than 1,200 individual animals and 100 species such as nurse sharks, manta rays and green turtles.
  • Giftun Islands. Another fundamental point for all diving lovers and also to enjoy virgin and paradisiacal beaches, with white sand and turquoise water.
  • Astronomical night. The starry nights of Hurghada are a spectacle in themselves and you can enjoy an astronomical night, with a night tour through the silent and lonely desert where the sky offers a spectacular and unique image in this corner of the world.
  • Gubal Strait. Here are the best reefs of Hurghada and also the remains of many important wrecks, making it an ideal place to dive.

Where to stay in Hurghada

If you are looking for luxurious hotels with good beach views and spa services, El Gouna and Soma Bay are undoubtedly two ideal areas to stay in Hurghada. Al Ahyaa also has excellent choices of 5-star resorts but you can also find good deals on 4 and even 3-star establishments.

In Al Mamsha El Seyahi are the most basic and elementary hotels for tourists looking for more economical and romantic options, since for very little money you can get deals on rooms in very nice traditional houses.

Getting around in Hurghada

The city is connected to Cairo through an international airport that also connects it with some of the main European cities such as London, Rome and Paris.

Within Hurghada you can move with the local micro-bus, it is the most comfortable and economical way to do it. It is a small vehicle that seats 14 people and costs just under 50 euro cents, making it the most suitable option for those traveling on a tight budget. The disadvantage is that the drivers do not speak English and without a map you are likely to get lost or not know where to get off.

The local cab is another option to move from one place to another within Hurghada and it is convenient to negotiate the price beforehand, even if you see that they have taximeters because many times they do not use them. There are also Careem and Uber transportation services, which you can hire by downloading the app and paying online with your credit card.

Photos of Hurghada

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