The Cairo Tower is one of the modern icons of the Egyptian capital, with its stylized appearance and a lattice covering intended to mimic the image of a lotus flower. It is located in the modern Zamalek district and is a telecommunications tower. It measures 187 meters and was for 10 years the tallest tower in all of Africa, until 1971 when it was surpassed by the Hillbrow Tower in South Africa.


The Cairo Tower was designed by architect Naoum Chebib and inaugurated on April 11, 1961, during the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser. For five years, between 2004 and 2009, it underwent a meticulous restoration process to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in April 2011.

Its interior structure has 16 floors and three elevators. It was built with granite from Aswan, a material noted for its nobility and very symbolic in Egypt because it is the same material used in the construction of the pyramids.

Its charm can be seen at first sight, with an imposing form difficult to ignore and with that shape that represents birth and prosperity through the lotus flower, present in the paintings of so many tombs and pyramids in the necropolis of ancient Egypt. And its exterior appearance is as unmistakable as it is iconic, with that latticework of intersecting grids forming a large tube that opens very slightly as it reaches the top.

But also, the Cairo Tower has an additional charm in its interior and it is that offers the best panoramic views of the city through its 360-degree circular platform. And it also features a revolving restaurant at the end of the tower to enjoy the views as it glides smoothly giving you different views of the skyline. An extra fact about the restaurant is that in addition to preparing the most delicious and traditional dishes of Egyptian cuisine, the famous actress Katherine Hepburn dined there during its inauguration.

What you should keep in mind is that many times in Cairo there is a persistent fog that will prevent you from having a clear view, even from the top of the tower. This is due to several factors, the vast majority linked to smog and desert sand. So if you decide to climb the Cairo Tower, it is best to do so on a clear day, so you will enjoy your visit much better.

From the Cairo Tower you can see the pyramids to the west and the beginning of the captivating surface of the Sahara desert. The tributaries of the Nile River and its two banks on the island of Gezira are also seen in their full splendor. Tahrir Square and the Cairo Museum are other points of interest that can be seen from this viewpoint. To board the platform, the order of arrival of tourists is respected by means of an assigned number that is announced on an electronic sign.

How to get to the Cairo Tower

To go to the Zamalek Quarter the best way to do it if you go on your own is by Metro. The stop is Ópera, on line 2. You can also take a cab or a private car from your hotel by arranging the price in advance. Some buses also leave you close to the area but they are usually very full and do not announce the stops, so it is easier to get lost if you take one.

Opening hours of the Cairo Tower

The schedule varies according to the seasons. In autumn and winter it is from 8:00 am to 0:00 am and in spring and summer, the opening hours of the tower move from 9:00 am to 1:00 am. That is, it is open practically all day and all year round, although if you prefer a visit with few people we recommend that you avoid the time slots near sunset, as it is the favorite time of most tourists who visit the Cairo Tower. But if you don’t mind the crowds, this is the ideal time to enjoy the best views, because the sun sets behind the skyline and the old buildings are illuminated by the night lights, forming a panorama as idyllic as it is cinematic.

Another good option is to visit early in the morning, with clear skies and enjoying a coffee or tea in the tower’s cafeteria. Or a romantic dinner in the revolving restaurant with the most captivating night views.

Visit prices

Entrance to the Cairo Tower costs 70 EGP. You can hire a guided tour service but we do not recommend you to do so because everything you need to know about the tower you just read in this post. The highlight, in addition to its dimensions and architecture, is that you go up to enjoy the views, so it is not necessary to hire a guided tour.

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