It is very rare that the most touristic countries in the world are not prepared to receive children traveling with their parents. Egypt is no exception and traveling with children can be an unforgettable experience for them, because it is a country with many stimuli for children’s surprise to be activated every minute. Pyramids, desert, camels, exotic costumes: traveling to Egypt with children can be a unique experience.

Recommendations for traveling with children

It should be taken into account that there are often not as well-developed infrastructures for children as there may be in some European tourist destinations. For example, you will often find that there are no playgrounds or diaper changing facilities, but you will still find amenities and the locals are delighted to see Western children. People in Egypt are usually very friendly and even more so if you are traveling with children, so it will not be unusual to want to hug them, kiss them and give them a sweet.

Be especially careful in private cars or cabs, which do not usually have child seats, and on boats that do not have special life jackets for the little ones. While this is not an impediment for you to take a car or go on a boat with your children, you will have to take it into account in order to increase care and precautions.

Regarding food, being a country with a very varied diet, you will not find it difficult for your children to like the food or, at least, some dishes of the Egyptian cuisine. What you should keep in mind is that a child can be more sensitive to food changes and cause stomach problems, especially if they eat spicy or overly sweet foods. But most tourist restaurants have lighter options designed for children.

Where you will find more comfort options for traveling to Egypt with children is in the most touristic enclaves: downtown Cairo, Luxor or Alexandria. There you will find it easier to get diapers and formula, as well as high chairs in restaurants and even babysitting services in five-star hotels. You can also find stores that sell foods that kids love that are made with peanuts, sesame seeds, dried fruit and dates, perfect for taking on excursions and avoiding potato chips.

Routes and places to go

Here is a list of what to see with children in Egypt so you can plan a trip that will be unforgettable not only for them but also for you:

  • Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Packed with ancient treasures that children will love, such as the tombs of the baboons and Tutankhamun’s tomb with all its treasures.
  • Travel by train to Tanta. The train itself can be a very interesting children’s attraction, especially in first class, which is never very crowded. And even better if the destination is the city of Tanta, famous for its sweets.
  • Great Pyramid of Cheops and Pyramids of Giza. Those children who have studied the pyramids at school will be fascinated to know the inside of this marvel. It is advisable to make sure that they are not claustrophobic, because the access spaces are very narrow.
  • Museum of the Mummification. Children are fascinated by mummies and in Luxor they can discover all the secrets of this millenary art with an interactive and didactic visit.
  • Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. An adventurous experience in which the little ones will be mesmerized by the stories and mysteries they will discover about the tombs of the nobles, emperors and priests of the ancient Egyptian Empire.
  • Diving in the Red Sea coast. Snorkeling is perfect to get to know this part of the Mediterranean coast and its fabulous flora and fauna. In Sharm el-Sheikh and Al Quseir there are many options for children to dive safely along the flank of a reef.
  • The ships of the Alexandria shipyards. The vast majority of children are fascinated by boats. And here you can see how ships of all sizes are built, from small boats to large vessels. They’ll even let them be captains for a while and they’ll be able to climb into the cockpit and man the helm.
  • Wadi Al Hittan. It is a site full of fossils of different species and where they will discover a secret: how a whale could arrive to the desert.
  • Riding a camel. There are everywhere different options for a camel ride: around the pyramids, on the west bank of Luxor or in Alexandria. And the kids will love it, so you’ll give them a treat if you give them the pleasure of riding on the backs of these fascinating animals.
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