When planning any trip, it is always important to take into account the climate of your destination at the time of the year when you will arrive. But in the case of Egypt, it is even more important, because its temperatures can be a bit extreme for those travelers who live in temperate zones or those who are not used to the desert climate. Therefore, it is best to have all the information available about the weather in Egypt before deciding what time to travel.

Average temperature during the year in Egypt

Maximum19 ºC21 ºC24 ºC29 ºC32 ºC35 ºC35 ºC35 ºC33 ºC30 ºC25 ºC21 ºC
Media15 ºC16 ºC18 ºC22 ºC26 ºC29 ºC29 ºC29 ºC25 ºC25 ºC20 ºC16 ºC
Minimal10 ºC11 ºC13 ºC16 ºC19 ºC22 ºC24 ºC24 ºC23 ºC20 ºC15 ºC12 ºC

Here are all the weather tips you need to choose the best time to travel to Egypt based on the area you are visiting and your personal preferences.

Traveling in summer

If you are traveling to Egypt in summer, you should know that the country’s temperature during these months is 28ºC on average, with minimum temperatures of 22ºC and maximum temperatures that can reach 40ºC and 45ºC in Luxor and Aswan. And another important fact is that it rarely rains during the summer in Egypt, so that, depending on the area, it can be a bit oppressive to travel in the summer, especially in the western desert where the sun is very strong and there is little shade.

In any case, in the coastal area you will find a cooler climate, although quite humid, but more tolerable than in the middle of the desert or even in the capital, Cairo. Anyway, as the country receives tourists all year round and if you have no choice but to travel to Egypt in summer, you will find that everything is very well organized to withstand the high temperatures. For example, tours of the ancient temples during the summer start very early, before the sun rises, and end before the heat begins to hit hard.

In case your summer trip also includes Alexandria and the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, it is recommended to avoid the sun during midday, between 10 am and 4 pm. And, in case you decide to expose yourself during this time, it is essential to do so with good sun protection (minimum factor 50), hats and caps.

Traveling in winter

Winter in Egypt is quite cool and pleasant, with an average temperature of 14ºC during the months of January and February, reaching minimum temperatures of 9ºC and maximum temperatures of 21ºC or 22ºC. On some occasions, especially at night, it may be necessary to wear a jacket because it may be a bit chilly. And the daylight hours decrease with respect to summer, since in winter the sun sets around 17:30h.

At this time there is more time for excursions to the pyramids and the most important ancient temples, as the sun is never so strong as to make it impossible to bear. In any case, even in winter it is advisable to walk in the desert with adequate protection for the skin, hats and caps, loose clothing and comfortable shoes.

In the Mediterranean area, the climate during the winter is ideal for enjoying the beach and activities such as scuba diving or surfing. And it is usually the time when the entire Egyptian coast is most crowded: the so-called high season, between the months of October and February, i.e. autumn-winter.

Best time to travel

Considering the weather and climate, the best time to travel to Egypt are the autumn months, especially October and November, and as a second option the beginning of spring during March and April. These are the months in which the climate is milder and milder, with minimum temperatures averaging 14º C and an average temperature of 20ºC.

The high season lasts from October to February and occupies part of the mildest months in terms of weather, with sunny days and very occasional rain in the Mediterranean Sea area. The mid-season (March to May and September-October) is also quite pleasant with respect to weather, although sandstorms in the desert are common. And the low season is when the heat is the most intense, during the months of June, July and August, but also when fewer tourists visit Egypt, so it is an ideal time for those who prefer a very quiet and less crowded vacation.

Average humidity during the year in Egypt

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