If you are wondering what to pack for your trip to Egypt, we make it easy. The first of the Egypt travel tips at this point is: less is more. Think less. Go minimalist…

Recommended baggage

If your trip will last two weeks, it is best to consider packing light. The ideal is a small suitcase for your clothes and toiletries that you will leave at the hotel and a small backpack to move around the different excursions, making sure that your back does not suffer and that you carry only the essentials in it, so that you can walk without pain and in total comfort.

Don’t forget to always leave at least 25 percent free space in your suitcase and backpack. In the suitcase, to put the gifts and souvenirs that you will buy during the trip and in the backpack to carry fresh water and snacks that you will buy in a supermarket or local store before or during an excursion.

Type of clothing

What to wear to Egypt? This is also where the idea of lightness comes in, which makes what we developed above regarding luggage much simpler. You have to take into account that in Egypt it is hot all year round, with some occasional exceptions in winter, but it cannot be said that it is cold either.

This means that your clothing for your trip to Egypt should include lots of t-shirts, pants of light fabrics, skirts and whatever you find comfortable for walking and moving around. And who assures you that you won’t be hot. Jackets and sweaters? Yes, also, but only for the airplane or the air conditioning they may put on the buses during excursions. And if you cruise the Nile, a light jacket and a long-sleeved shirt in the evenings won’t hurt.

Short sleeve or long sleeve? Shorts or long pants? In both cases, we recommend long sleeves and pants, because the sun in Egypt can be very intense and even dangerous for the skin, so long-sleeved shirts and pants that cover all your legs will protect you much better.

And since the hikes are usually long and quite extensive, on sand or asphalt, the best footwear for Egypt are comfortable sneakers for use on any surface and sandals at night to let the foot rest and breathe.

Recommended accessories

Always within this concept of lightness and minimalism with which you should think, plan and execute your luggage to travel to Egypt, we recommend you to take these accessories:

  • Small backpack. In case you dispense with the hand luggage and travel to Egypt only with a backpack, we recommend that you include a small backpack of approximately 10 liters folded and empty, which will be the one you use every day for your excursions and visits.
  • Sun protection equipment. The sun in Egypt can be very harsh if you don’t have three essential and easy to carry items: hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen of at least factor 50.
  • Stainless steel water bottle. As you will be drinking a lot of water during your trip to Egypt, to avoid buying small bottles all the time you can take your own and refill it with a carafe you buy in a supermarket or store. There are also drinking water fountains in many cities.
  • Toiletries bag. All hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, alcohol gel and others, in a convenient and practical toiletry bag.

What type of plug do you use in Egypt?

Just as there are essential things to bring on your trip to Egypt, there are others that are totally dispensable and that we recommend you leave at home if you are traveling with light luggage. The first thing we will mention is something that many tourists forget or do not know: Egypt has the same electrical outlets as in Europe.

That is, if you are coming from South America, the United States or the United Kingdom, among others, you will not be able to plug your electrical devices into the sockets in Egypt. You will need to carry an adapter for special plugs.

Type of plug in Egypt

What NOT to wear

It is also not necessary to include towels, toilet paper or soap in your luggage for fear that the hotels will not provide them. Generally, all accommodations, even the most economical ones, include this service. Remember that Egypt is a country that receives many tourists a year and is very prepared in this regard. In any case, if you are going to book hotels in advance, you can always consult in advance.

With so many safety regulations, it is best to avoid carrying a drone for filming or taking panoramic photos. Generally, tourists carrying a drone have it taken away from them at the airport with no possibility of return. But if you are lucky and manage to avoid this, it is very likely that a policeman or security guard in some city will see it and take it away from you.

Finally, although it may be obvious, but it also goes without saying, no drugs. The possession and use of drugs in Egypt, including marijuana, is punishable by many years in prison and even death by hanging. And no exceptions are made for tourists.

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