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                   DOGALI - 

                  The obelisk of Dogali on 9,25 meters  and  weight  unknown was erected
                  in the original location  in the  temple of Sun in Heliopolis by RAMSES II
                  since the year 1300 B.C..
                  It´s  now  like  the  obelisk  of  Terme,  and  it´s  the  twin  of the obelisk
                  of Florence.
                      In june 20, 1883  was  found   near   the  church  of  Santa  Maria  Sopra
                  Minerva  and  stopped  4  years late, in  june 5, 1887 as  opposed  to  the
                  gardens to the Rome Terminal Station, in presence of the king, the queen
                  and the nobility.
                  It was moved to the present location in 1925, in Terme.
                  The pedestal  has  new  recruit them name of the Italian soldiers who died
                  in the battle of Dogali (Ethyopia) in January of 1887.
                  In the  pyramidon  there  are  a  winged  beetle  with  a solar disk and two
                  cartridge of RAMSES II.
                  In may 9, 1937 in a public ceremony was placed at the foot of the obelisk
                  a bronze representation of the Lion of Judah,the emblem of the Ethiopian
                  monarchy, dedicated to the emperator Menelik II, during  the  days of the
                  liberation  of   Italy  by   allied  troops   in Word  War  II, the bronce  lion

Actuals views of the obelisk of  Terme - Rome, Italy.

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